About Us

After my first 5 years in the retail furniture industry, I was disappointed to find that the Northwest Arkansas market had no true modern or classic interior design retailers. To find the best designers I had to visit Dallas, Chicago, LA, or New York markets. My growing passion for contemporary and classic modern form inspired me to seek out exciting designers in Europe and across the United States. In November 2003, I sold everything I had to open Lacuna Modern.  My driving principle was to address the growing popularity of custom modern and classic furniture in the Northwest Arkansas area. After 2 decades, my passion, inspiration and selection is stronger than ever.

The Lacuna Modern Showroom located in Fayetteville, Arkansas offers only the purest examples designers working in the 20th and 21st centuries. Clients are offered infinite design possibilities for their residential and commercial needs. Our staff effectively illustrates the art of selection in creating comfortable and beautiful environments. More than a furniture store, Lacuna Modern offers visions of a modern lifestyle, including lighting, art, floor coverings, books, accessories, closet and kitchen systems. Our philosophy is based on the ways our surroundings influence not only where we sit, but also our moods, health, ability to manage time, and state of mind.

Lacuna Modern offers a network hub of design experts available to help plan your space. Our staff does not sell, but instead listens and provides solutions to meet each individual Client's needs. I hope that your visit to Lacuna will delight, enlighten, educate, and far exceed your expectations. 

When you choose Lacuna Modern as your modern furniture store, you get more than a product. You receive a personal shopper for modern living. Our connections to top designers and distinguished brands from across the globe give you options you can’t easily find anywhere else. 

We handle every step - from searching and ordering to logistics and delivery. Any issue that comes up along the way, we’ll take care of it. This is the added value of working with a locally owned business, and it is at no additional cost to you. 

Are you looking for specific decor or artwork but not sure how or where to find it?  Do you have a budget and want to make the best choice of furniture that you can afford? Are you merely curious about the affordable to exquisite home and office furnishings that Lacuna Modern can deliver? 

In any case, our professionals will listen to your needs and connect you with the perfect solution of modern or classic interior design. Customer experience is everything for us; we want you to feel welcome when you walk through our doors. 

Don’t hesitate to email or call us with any questions or just drop by and see our showroom.
Owner, Jesse Smyers